THE FOOD SEEN: comedian Max Silvestri, FYI’s “The Feed”

*photo by Eric Michael Pearson

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, comedian Max Silvestri, brings his humorous perspective to the world of food. This summer, he’ll be co-hosting FYI Network’s “The Feed” with Top Chef and Food & Wine’s Gail Simmons, as well as chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson. Max is also releasing his first stand-up comedy album, King Piglet, which touches on the finer points of gastronomy, like what groceries to shop for during hurricane preparation. And for your viewing pleasure, a preview of “The Feed” …

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THE FOOD SEEN: John Currence, “Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey”

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, “Big Bad Chef” John Currence, heads north from New Orleans, finding his home, and his calling, in Oxford, Mississippi. With him, he brought the culinary archaeology of his heritage, taking cues from the Gulf Coast, and inflecting his food with Southern traditions. As a member of the Southern Foodways Alliance, John’s penchant to preserve and proliferate regional cuisine in America’s South, from techniques like pickling, canning, brining, smoking, and slathering, allows him to playfully riff on gumbo, while honoring the past. In his first cookbook, Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey, not only denotes his 3 favorite food groups, but shares recipes from his beloved restaurants such as City Grocery, Snackbar, Big Bad Breakfast, BourĂ©, and Lamar Lounge. Make yourself a drink, turn on some music, and rock out to some Southern hospitality.

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THE FOOD SEEN: The Carnivore’s Manifesto

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Patrick Martins, founder of Heritage Foods USA, and our dear radio station, has authored his first book (with the help of another host of HRN, Mike Edison of Art & Seizures),
In “The Carnivore’s Manifesto“, Patrick explains how to eat well, responsibly, and eat meat. A collection of edifying essays, further reenforcing our need to play an active role in the sustainable food movement, to assure a better (and more delicious) world in the future.

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THE FOOD SEEN: JJ Goode, cookbook writer

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, JJ Goode, is a highly sought after cookbook writer. He used to be an intern at eGullet, then a fact checker at Saveur. Now, he collaborates with the likes of April Bloomfield (“A Girl and Her Pig”), Roberto Santibanez (“Truly Mexican” & “Tacos, Tortas, and Tamales”), Andy Ricker (“Pok Pok“), and Dale Talde. His essays, “One-Arm Mirepoix” appeared in Leite’s Culinaria and “Single Handed Cooking” in Gourmet, and since then, he’s had the upper hand.

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DARK RYE the surreal food photography of Tara Sellios

So excited to have worked on a piece for DARK RYE, an online magazine from Whole Foods Market.

For Part 3: The Medium, of the Art issue, I photographed photographer Tara Sellios as she setup her surreal food-based still lives.

***Listen to Tara on THE FOOD SEEN talking about her tableaus …

THE FOOD SEEN: Adam H. Weinert, food & modern dance

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Adam H. Weinert, a dancer and choreographer, takes the teachings of Ted Shawn, a pioneer of American modern dance, and inflects the agrarian ideals first conceptualized at Jacob’s Pillow, initially a farm property in the Berkshires, now home to America’s longest running dance festival. How does the physical labor of farming inform the movements of modern dance?

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THE FOOD SEEN: Bompas & Parr’s “Funland” at The Museum of Sex

For a very special extra edition of THE FOOD SEEN:

… our favorite British jellymongers Bompas & Parr, known for hosting multi-sensory food & art projects, bring their conceptual talents to the world of SEX. Their newest exhibition, “Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground” premieres Thursday, June 26th, 2014, at The Museum of Sex (MoSex) with such interactive pieces as “Jump For Joy” (a bouncy castle made of breasts), “The Tunnel of Love” (a mirror maze exploring the G-spot), and “Grope Mountain” (a climbing wall comprised of orifices and appendages). From aphrodisiacs to oral fixations, hear how taste plays a sensual part in the seductive nature of these bodily experiences. Oh, and there’s cock-on-a-stick, which in fact, is not as dirty as you think.

Funland from Museum of Sex on Vimeo.

*To hear Bompas & Parr’s past appearance on THE FOOD SEEN,

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THE FOOD SEEN: Christy Harrison, Food Psych podcast

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Christy Harrison, a nutritionist specializing in eating disorders and obesity explores the intersections of food and psychology through her podcast Food Psych. Christy also holds a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition, has worked at the NYC Department of Health, and been an editor and writer for the likes of Gourmet, Modernist Cuisine, and CHOW. Hear how ED’s can effect anyone, and what nutritional tips may just help us to overcome them.

p.s. Listen to me on Food Psych, #28: Seen and Heard …

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THE FOODS SEEN: Anna Curran, Cookbook Create

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Anna Curran of Cookbook Create, has produced a platform to personally publish cookbooks through the click of a button. But how did this trained artist, printmaker, and dancer, bring her background in fine arts to the technology front? Anna curated the SXSW Interactive Cookbook, which includes CEOs of companies like Foursquare, Buzzfeed, and Craigslist, contributing such recipe (and prose) as Mama Crowley’s Mac & Cheese, “How to Order Takeout”, and 5 Ways Garlic and Olive Oil Can Dramatically Improve Your Life. Cookbook Create also serves as a social media forum, drawing from the likes of Facebook and Pinterest, potential authors interacting on the recipe exchange (this week’s “recipes of the week” were Blackened Fish Tacos by Nicole & Mexican Hot Chocolate By Emily Z.). So, what kind of cookbook would you create?

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THE FOOD SEEN: Tom Mylan, “The Meat Hook Meat Book”

*photos by Michael Harlan Turkell

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Brooklyn butcher Tom Mylan, runs The Meat Hook. It’s not just a supermarket for burgers and sausage, it’s an institution, a school for buying, butchering, and cooking better meat, which is almost verbatim the subtitle of his new cookbook, The Meat Hook Meat Book. I was lucky enough to be the photographer on this project, and aside from an 11 lb pinbone steak grilled on rooftop, and shooting 3D spreads of pigs in space, it was Tom’s prose on proteins that makes this a more than entertaining read.

Hear about the other cuts; secreto, campagnella or heel, merlot steak, oyster steak, shoulder tendon, the pear … the hidden steaks of the arm chuck (which usually get ground into burgers); flatiron, blade, chuck tender, rope … the off cuts aka beef offalTaiki’s Tongue Steaks, Trotter-On Porchetta, Inside-Out Chicken Pot Pie, Grilled Duck Hearts … and all the sliced meats, pates, terrines, bacons, rendered fats, stocks, and jerky you can handle. Get your BBQs fired up!

*Hear a past TFS episode with the cookbook’s designer Michael Fusco-Straub (

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